Don’t let the cold weather freeze you out!

Despite the cold weather that most of the nation is experiencing, there are still days that see the mercury jump up enough to get out on the golf course. If you plan ahead and prepare, January golf on the Brunswick Isles golf trail is well worth the trip. Taking advantage of great deals, outstanding golf courses, and virtually empty tee sheets is a recipe for a memorable golfing experience. In order to prepare for the day, follow these five simple tips to get ready for a great day on the course.

1)                  Wear a thermal layer: This is one of the most important layers you can wear. Many of the leading golf apparel companies have created warm weather gear- but the thrifty golfer can seek warmth in your run of the mill long underwear!

2)                  Bring a toboggan (for the Americans) or toque (for the Canadians): I am Canadian and since there is no snow on the ground and I am not going down a hill on a sled (which is a synonym for toboggan), we will go with toque. The majority of your heat is lost from the top of your head. By wearing a toque, you will trap the warmth and may even break a sweat- which will give you the feeling of a July day.

3)                  Bring cart mitts or a good pair of gloves: There are many options for keeping your hands warm. The goal here- keep your hands warm. A good idea for selecting the right glove is to make sure that they can be taken on an off with relative ease. This will come in handy if you take more than 65 shots in a round.

4)                  Regardless of whether you choose a sweater, a wind shirt or fleece jacket; be certain that you have full range of motion. It is difficult to score well when you can’t get your arms above your head and putting a large parka on and off in between shots is not realistic. I recommend finding a thin fleece outerwear option that also has a wind stopper lining. This will help to keep you warm and block out the wind that can chill you to the core.

5)                  Bring a warm blanket for the cart. There is nothing worse than sitting down on a frozen cart seat. An inexpensive fleece blanket will do the trick, but pay huge returns when your bottom finds the warmth.

By following these simple tips, your next cool weather round will be very enjoyable. Of course, after you go to the trouble of planning for a cold day, the weather on the Brunswick Isle trail will turn out to be 65 and sunny! Gotta love the winter in the Carolinas!

Justin Van Heukelom, PGA

Head Golf Professional

Bald Head Island Club

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