Almost Spring

It won’t be long now and all the lousy feelings of winter will be a mere memory, spring is just around the corner. The sun is already setting later in the day and before we know it, the time and temperature to sneak in a few holes after a day at the office or work bench will be here.

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Spring along the north Carolina coast brings warm sunny days with little to no humidity and this translates to prime time on the golf course. Evening temps are also very pleasant and make for a restful nights sleep after a good round, a delicious meal and a few refreshing beverages.

sunrise mbThe Brunswick Islands golf courses are also in pristine condition as superintendents have been hard at work in prepping their facilities for your welcome play. In addition to their effort, the warm days and cool evenings of spring will assist the “grow in” period from the dormancy of the cold winter.


The first order of business (if you haven’t already done so), is to contact one of our Trail providers and have them look at your arrival and departure dates. Ask questions as these guys are the best in the business and they’ll be more than happy to help you all the way through the booking process.

Fabulous golf courses aside, there’s also an outstanding variety of restaurants and sports bars to patronize. A visit to a local seafood eatery is simply “a must”, the quality of the food and southern hospitality is second to none and a short drive south to Myrtle Beach will provide an endless variety of live shows and entertainment.

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Once you’ve booked your trip, its time to put your happy face on and start your preparations! Firstly, get your trusty old clubs out of the closet, dust them off and make sure that the grips are still good. Plan your daily attire and don’t forget your phone charger, now kick back and look forward to your departure day!




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