Golf Package: Are you paying too much?

Paying too much? How do you really know if you are paying too much for your golf package, do you ever shop around and get comparison quotes?

golf packagePaying too much for your golf package? At Grand Strand Golf and Hotels we have 4 providers. These providers have been in the business for decades and they really know the industry. Quotes and advice are always free. So, make sure to ask for a free quote on your golf package before you book your next trip. The process is very simple and will take little to no time at all. Go to our homepage and browse through our “Hot Specials”. Next click on the “Quick Quote” tab and select the golf package or packages that catch your eye. Fill out the short “Quick Quote” form and hit submit. Lastly, keep an eye on your inbox for competing quotes from our providers.

golf packageOnce you have made your decision, make sure to ask for as much info and advice as possible. Your provider of choice may specialize in creating a golf package. However, they also know a lot about nightlife and dining options at the beach. Ask about these amenities and if they are near to where you are going to stay and play. We all know that Myrtle Beach is the golf capital of the world with outstanding golf package options. However, there are also a ton of things to do once you leave the golf course. The selection of fine restaurants seems endless. The Grand Strand also offers a lot of  sports bars that carry all the games. Enjoy live shows? World famous entertainers appear at several locations in Myrtle Beach.

golf package

Once you’ve completed the booking of your golf package, make a list of things that you do on a regular basis. Are you on any medication, do you take daily vitamins, do you strain muscles easily? All these important items are easy to overlook in the heat of the moment. Take a few minutes to look at the weather predictions for your travel dates. It’ll take hardly any time to pack some rain gear. Don’t forget your umbrella! There’s nothing worse than having to make unnecessary purchases while on your golf vacation. Most of the time we don’t allow for incidentals in our budget. Don’t forget your golf package vouchers at home. Now… sit back, relax and look forward to your well deserved golf vacation.

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