Springtime Golf

Springtime Golf. This is the perfect time to visit the grand strand and play some of the finest golf courses on the planet.

Springtime golf is finally here, it sure seems like it has taken forever but spring has arrived and it is absolutely gorgeous outdoors. Along with spring comes the beginning of the long awaited golf season. Flowers are blooming, pollen is everywhere and fairways, greens and tee boxes are coming out of dormancy. Although there are still some parts of the US that are experiencing the lingering effects of winter, springtime golf is in full swing along the grand strand.

springtime golf

A lot of golfers from the northeast region specifically book their golf in the spring because of the milder temperatures along the grand strand. Visiting golfers can expect to have warm sun filled days in the upper sixties to low seventies with little to no humidity at all. The evenings are cool and at most may require a light jacket. There is no need to mess with the thermostat in your room as these cooler temperatures at night make for a comfortable nights sleep.

If you’re a typical golfer, you probably added something new to your golf bag in the off season. Whether it was a gift for the holidays or you decided to splurge and spoil yourself, the time is finally here to put it to the real test. Some golfers really get their juices flowing when The Masters comes around. Watching all the action at Augusta National can definitely make you giddy and anxious to get onto the golf course.

springtime golf

Whatever the reason, springtime golf is the time to dust off the cobwebs and put an end to your cabin fever. So, now that you’ve got that little bounce back in your step, its time to hit the links. Taking the advice of experts, start off by doing a few warm up exercises and stretches to ensure that you are loose. You may want to do a little chipping around the practice green and then move to the driving range and gradually work through all the clubs in your bag.

If you have added new equipment to your arsenal, make sure to test it extensively during your practice routine. The next important part of your game to focus on is the short game and putting. Your ability to save a round, will depend directly on how well you get up and down. For this reason, it makes good sense to spend a lot of time on chipping and putting when you practice, this will save you several strokes per round.

springtime golf

Now that you have got all the prep work out of the way, its time to get out and knock the little white dimpled one around. Try not to expect too much out of your first outing. There are probably going to be a few kinks that need to be worked out and as you get rid of these issues, your scores will improve. The number one thing to take out of your first round back after the winter break is that springtime golf is back and you ain’t shoveling snow!

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