Need New Equipment? Get Fitted!

Need new equipment? Then call your nearest PGA Tour Superstore and make a club fitting appointment. This will be time and money well spent.

Need new equipment, a new club, putter or even a new set of irons? Then call your nearest PGA Tour Superstore and make a club fitting appointment. This call is crucial in helping you to make an educated decision that could affect both your wallet and your game. If you need proof of this concept, all you have to do is watch what the touring pros do. Most club brands have a touring van that follows the tour week in and week out. Their primary function is to be available to repair, replace or tweak their “pros” equipment.

need new equipment

The PGA Tour Superstore has certified club fitters on staff and they will help you make the right choice for your next purchase. They have the experience and technology that will show you exactly how the club you have “selected” is performing. These club fitters will ensure that you get the right club head design, shaft, length, loft, lie and grip. Every fitting comes with a “Club Fitting Recommendation” form which includes your specs. The best part of the entire fitting process is that it won’t cost you a cent!

need new equipment

Don’t forget about Putters, one of the most important tools in your bag! Their club fitting experts are trained in the latest putter fitting technology and will fit you for the correct putter for your set up and putting stroke. Besides their expert club fitting, The PGA Tour Superstore is fully stocked with the latest in equipment, apparel and training aids. Upon entering their store you’re going to feel like a kid in a candy store. As they say… “IF IT’S ON TOUR, IT’S IN HERE”.

need new equipment

All of their stores are staffed with teaching professionals and have multiple state-of-the-art swing simulators and a large putting green. They also feature an impressive in-house clubmaking and repair facility. So, stop by and let their staff help you look, feel and play like a pro. Myrtle Beach offers two great locations to serve you. They cover both ends of the beach, one is in central Myrtle Beach and the second location is in North Myrtle Beach.

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